RHE Global

The big picture

Environmental Health is a branch of Public Protection and is the field of science that studies how the natural and built environment influences human health and disease. Whilst other services work to cope with the effects of accidents and disease, environmental health works to prevent people and ecologies from getting ill or damaged in the first place. It is a safeguarding service whose measurement of value is in how effectively disease and trauma is averted.

Who we are

RHE is a company that delivers consulting, training and innovative technical and financial solutions for environmental and public health professionals, regulators and the people they serve. RHE was founded by Robert Halford CMCIEH, MSc, BSc and in line with his public sector background and continuing interests, the company is focussed on projects with a positive social impact.

How we work

RHE work in an atmosphere of trust and personal responsibility with high expectations regarding levels of service given. Externally, we operate on an ethical basis by fostering long term, sustainable relationships that enable everyone to benefit. Our collaborative approach and excellent team work within the company and with our clients has given rise to a reputation for integrity and cooperation at both individual and corporate levels.

What we do

RHE is very active in assessing how the digital technology revolution will transform the environmental health profession. We update and simplify systems and processes using the latest technology and develop innovative solutions to everyday problems.

To support our clients, we offer expertly supervised forums for environmental health professionals so that they can seek help, and share expertise in their efforts to better serve and protect public and environmental health. Known as RIAMS Communities, this free service also includes the option for premium members to create private groups - secure online spaces for colleagues across the regulatory sector to discuss, blog and share resources.

We also provide consultancy and training services for private citizens, public, private and third sector organisations.

'RHE Global' and 'RHE' are trading names for RH Environmental Limited, a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales, Registration number 5530460. VAT number: 779242884. Registered Address: Bevan & Buckland, Langdon House, Langdon Road, SA1 Swansea Waterfront, SA1 8QY, United Kingdom.