What is RIAMS Communities?

9th November 2017 RIAMS

Earlier this year, we launched a rebranded version of our forum software including additional features and mobile capabilities. This article is to explain what RIAMS Communities is and who it’s for.

RIAMS Communities is a series of free forums designed for secure and controlled discussion and document sharing online. Communities can be joined by anyone with a .gov.uk email address.

This software is a new feature of RIAMS utilising RIAMS’ Single Sign On meaning you can use the same login details for all RIAMS software.

Each Community has a moderator. These moderators ensure that the discussions and blog comments are in line with our Terms of Use, which all users agree to upon joining RIAMS Communities. Any user who breaches the terms of use can be removed from Communities.

There are a number of public Communities available:

Environmental Protection
Food Professionals
Health and Safety
Housing Professionals
Noise Nuisance
Private Water Supplies
Public Health
Public Health Act Funerals
RIAMS Support

Each user can choose which Communities, discussions and blogs they wish to follow and these preferences can be updated at any point under ‘My Settings’ and ‘Notifications’. You can also choose how frequently you wish to be updated about activity on the forums and discussions you follow. There are three frequency options available: Every Post, Daily or Weekly.

As you can see from the list of Communities available above, RIAMS Communities can be used by anyone who works or has an interest in these fields.

RIAMS Communities is free to use, so if you have not had a look, sign in or create an account. If you require any assistance using or accessing RIAMS Communities, you can contact our team on support@rheglobal.com.