Introducing FSA Smarter Communications

22nd January 2018 RIAMS

The FSA is modernising its approach to providing information and communications for local authorities and relevant stakeholders in England. The FSA and RHE Global have developed a new online information sharing and communication platform at A similar online communication tool has already been successfully introduced into Wales and Northern Ireland. The feedback from local authorities in these countries has been very positive. This new platform will replace the existing enforcement correspondence (ENFs) and food alert email communication system provided by the FSA in order to allow for a more tailored approach to the interests of each LA Officer. 

In addition to the Communications being sent through the FSA Smarter Communications platform, users will be able to access guidance resources that are being moved from The current FSA external website will be retired at the end of March 2018 and content will be moved to the National Archives.

Users that already have an existing account for RIAMS or RIAMS Communities will be able to use these login details to access the FSA platform straight away and move between all RIAMS platforms without multiple accounts. If you have any issues in creating your account then you can contact RHE Global’s technical support on 01174 033584 or email us at [email protected].