Can you Host a RIAMS User Group?

31st January 2018 RIAMS

Each year, we run a series of RIAMS User Groups in order to help keep our users up to date with developments that have been made and those in the pipeline. The programme has been developed specifically with you in mind and there will be some regional differences depending on whether you attend one of these events in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

This year, we will be covering such things as RIAMS Connect, RIAMS Communities and Private Communities and the FSA Smarter Communications Project, to name a few. Are you familiar with these developments? Do you feel comfortable using the new functionalities available and are you making full use of them?

Do you have the capacity to host one of these events at your council offices? All that’s needed is a room capable of seating up to 20 people, a projector and screen and some assistance sorting refreshments and joining instructions. We would, of course, handle all the administration and cover all costs associated with this event.

If you would like more information on where our user groups have been organised, or to organise one in your area, please contact Kalia Wright of [email protected] or 01239 711793.