Do you keep up to date with the latest Property Tribunal decisions?

5th March 2018 RIAMS

Keeping up to date with the latest court decisions can be a time consuming task and reading the judgments can be a challenge in itself at times, but did you know that we provide a free resource collating the latest tribunal decisions, from the Property Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and the Court of Appeal and provide easy to understand summaries of these cases?

Over the past 8 years, one of the original minds behind the development of the HHSRS and a respected housing expert and former trainer for RHE, Dr Stephen Battersby has provided over 200 digests for our Housing Professionals forum and has covered topics ranging from enforcing the Housing Act 2004 and assessing HHSRS hazards to accrediting landlords, caravans and mobile homes to demolition and selective licensing, to name a few.

These resources are hosted on RIAMS Communities; an online, free and secure forum service provided by RHE. It is used by almost 3,500 people and covers a variety of Environmental Health fields including private water supplies, housing, public health, food and licensing. Communities is available to and approved users only, meaning that this is a secure environment to discuss your enforcement questions and share industry knowledge. You can find out more about RIAMS Communities here.

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Words by Kalia Wright