Last Chance to Book, Dorset RIAMS User Group

4th April 2018 RIAMS

On 18 April 2018, RHE will be hosting a RIAMS User Group at West Dorset District Council offices.

RIAMS User Groups are a fantastic way to get up to speed with the latest and coming changes being made to RIAMS.

The core aim of this event is to provide a platform for our subscribers to give feedback on how our products deliver. In this series of User Groups, we will be bringing to you the plans for the new RIAMS website, coming at the end of 2018, speak with you about the FSA Smarter Communications project and how RIAMS can help with introducing income generation initiatives through Sustainable Regulatory Solutions.

We welcome anyone who would like to provide feedback on our products, whether they deliver what you need and whether the proposed service improvements will provide the solution you are looking for. We recommend that 2 or 3 individuals from each council attend but please note, this event is not a suitable replacement for RIAMS training.

We look forward to receiving your booking.

This event is also available at Hart District Council on 24 May 2018.