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The Noise App in the News

11th September 2018 The Noise App

The Oxford Mail recently reported that Cherwell District Council, in collaboration with Thames Valley Police, seized stereo equipment as a result of repeated noise nuisance complaints and after numerous warnings.

A warrant was obtained to gain entry to the property after the individual had “ignored a community protection warning issued in March, a community protection notice issued in June and an abatement notice sent in July.”

The Noise App was used in this case to enhance and support the evidence against the defendant.

Read more about this case here.

In another article, Wyre Council announced in the Lancashire Post that they had launched The Noise App to assist “residents record and report noisy neighbours”.

A spokesman said: “It costs local authorities between £130 and £7000 to investigate noise complaints, depending on the nature of the complaint and how far it escalates. The use of tools like The Noise App help to resolve the problem of noise nuisance before it escalates to court.”

Read more about Wyre’s launch of The Noise App here.