A Big Thank you for the User Group Support  

26th September 2018 The Noise App

On Wednesday 12 September, we ran our eighth and final User Group for The Noise App in 2018 at Plus Dane offices in Liverpool. With one of the biggest turnouts, it was great to see and hear the feedback from so many of our subscribers.

At RHE Global, we love hearing feedback from our clients and understand this is the best way we can push our products forward and this year’s round of user groups was no different! We were given a range of suggestions that we will be reviewing and putting in our 2019 survey and sending to all subscribers to the service. Keep an eye out for this as it will allow everyone to have input on what features get developed next on The Noise App.

We would like to offer a massive thank you to everyone that attended, hosted and spoke at our User Groups. We look forward to meeting even more new subscribers in 2019.

We are now looking to do our next round of User Groups in 2019. If you would like to host a user group or would be interested in attending one, please get in touch on info@thenoiseapp.com or call 01174 033584.