NEW HHSRS Worked Examples Coming Soon!

10th October 2018 RIAMS

Later this month, RHE will release new HHSRS Worked Examples. The new Worked Examples have been developed in response to requests from local authorities across the country to represent new scenarios and topical enforcement issues. For example, earlier Worked Examples have not been able to fully address crowding and space issues.

The team producing these new resources includes experts and HHSRS specialists from across England and Wales and has been supported by local authorities submitting real case examples on which each Worked Example is based. The new examples cover the Damp and Mould, Fire, Crowding and Space, Noise, Structural Collapse and Asbestos and Man-Made Mineral Fibre hazards.

Developed under the supervision of Dr Stephen Batterbsy and Professor David Ormandy, these have been developed using the same protocols as those first published in 2004 and likewise, are intended to supplement the statutory Operating Guidance.

These will be published in Housing Knowledge Area on RIAMS. If you subscribe to this knowledge area already, you will be able to access these new Examples free of charge. If this area isn’t part of your subscription or you are interested in subscribing, please get in touch with Kalia Wright on or call 01239 611227.