HMO Licensing, Online Reporting Systems and so much more

11th October 2018 RIAMS

Thank you to everyone who made the journey to the RIAMS User Group held in South Staffordshire on 3 October. We found this event very helpful for gathering feedback on the variety of services offered through RHE and we hope you found this event useful too.

There was lots of discussion around HMO licensing and how online licensing systems can assist with easing this process. We already provide some app services, The Noise App and The ASB App, but there was lots of interest expressed in reporting apps for Housing which we will be exploring in 2019.

As it hasn’t been long since the FSA launched their new platform for delivering updates to food professionals across England, we also had a quick run through of the FSA website and asked for feedback from those in attendance, which will be fed back to the FSA to assist with the ongoing improvement of the platform.

Ian Marriner, RIAMS Chief Editor, discussed RHE’s new e-Learning service, with one course available at the moment, Legal and Enforcement: Investigation Skills, it was very helpful to receive suggestions on other courses we can provide in future.

Thank you again and the next user group will be happening in Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council, NI, on 23 October 2018. Find out more here.