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First Responses to our New PWS Training Course

24th October 2018 Training

There are major changes and minor variations that affect PWS risk assessment and sampling under the new regulations. For those who are struggling to understand and keep pace with the DWI guidance as it continues to evolve, there will be opportunities to attend a course on this subject as well as the other popular PWS training courses presented by David Clapham.

With two courses under his belt on the new amendments and a further two in the pipeline, responses so far have been extremely positive and have amply illustrated the value of working through the changes with others on the front line - including David who continues to practice whilst providing a focus and gathering point for shared knowledge.

Look out for the e-invites advertising further courses, or why not get in touch to talk about the possibility of hosting an event at your place of work? A free place in exchange for a room and the loan of some equipment is an offer we make on all of our course titles and is subject only to our confidence that we can attract sufficient attendees. To enquire about PWS training titles, take a look at our Directory of Courses and contact jgoodwin@rheglobal.com to discuss the options.