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Upcoming Training Courses from RHE

22nd November 2018 Training

6 December 2018
Introducing the Basics of Statutory Nuisance 
Royal Society for Public Health, London 

This one day, classroom-based course is aimed at those who deal with statutory nuisance complaints and investigations. Using practical case studies, the course covers the factors that influence the investigation and assessment of nuisance complaints The course is also suitable for environmental health practitioners who require a refresher in statutory nuisance and an update in the law.

Cost: Public Sector £159 (+VAT). Private Sector £198 (+VAT).
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11 December 2018
Planning Consultations: ‘A Survival Guide for Professionals
South Gloucestershire Council, Bristol

The training will provide delegates with a core understanding and contribute to their competence to engage with the planning process and provide appropriate and justifiable inputs and responses at each stage. It will include time for questions so that delegates can discuss issues further and raise cases they are dealing with. This course has been designed to assist professionals to understand their role in the planning process. For this reason it will also provide introductory advice on preparing for and attending planning committee meetings and planning appeals and how to keep one’s nerve when being questioned.

Cost: Public Sector £159 (+VAT). Private Sector £198 (+VAT).
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15 January 2019
Introduction to Investigation and PACE
Chasewater Innovation Centre, Staffordshire

For officers who are new to legal investigations. Become familiar with the basic rules relating to the collection and handling of evidence during an investigation. Understand the basic structures and key features of criminal offences. Understand the different types, significance and admissibility of evidence. Understand how to secure evidence for a case. A combination of traditional teaching and practical exercises combine to maximise absorption of the facts.

Cost: Public Sector £188 (+VAT). Private Sector £231 (+VAT).
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6 March 2019
Transforming ASB Investigation and Enforcement Conference
Hamilton House Conference Centre, London

Digital changes will have a dramatic effect on how organisations operate over the next few years. If you have an interest in anti-social behaviour law and best practice then you cannot afford to miss this upcoming conference. Listen to views, cases - and learn of different solutions employed to improve and streamline processes. Opportunities to network and ask questions of those on the frontline.

Cost: Public Sector £99 (+VAT). Private Sector £149 (+VAT).
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