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Reassessing Hazards before a Hearing

13th December 2018 RIAMS

This digest from Steve Battersby on the Housing Professionals forum on RIAMS Communities highlights the need for local authorities to re-inspect a property before a hearing if remedial works have been carried out between the issuing of the notice and the appeal hearing.

This property is a pre-1919 mid-terraced house that had been divided into five self-contained flats. After inspection, officers from Kingston-upon-Hull found three category 2 hazards relating to Fire, Damp and Mould and Entry by Intruders. The Damp and Mould issue was resolved before the hearing.

In this case, each hazard had been covered by its own improvement notice; while this is a perfectly acceptable way to approach this, it is unusual but does not appear to have been done in order to maximise fee income.

The Improvement Notice covering Entry by Intruders was quashed. The Notice covering the Fire hazard was amended to remove the fire door deficiencies, AFD fault, unlocked landing cupboard and the corresponding remedial works.

Read the full digest and join the discussion here.

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