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Benefits of Using RIAMS: Accrue CPD

17th December 2018 RIAMS

In the final blog of this series, we are highlighting how users can accrue ‘continuing professional development’ (CPD) time while using RIAMS.

Costing a mere £150 per year, or included as standard as part of a premium subscription, the CPD add-on can be attached to your account. Any users registered to your account can then begin accruing CPD.

CPD time is built up when users access documents through RIAMS, including guidance and procedures, public information documents and more. But this doesn’t apply to downloadable documents or links that redirect you to another site.

CPD time is awarded for one-fifth of the time you are active on RIAMS. This means you cannot sign in and walk away; you have to be reading, searching and so on.

The running total of CPD time can be seen by clicking on ‘My CPD’, post-sign-in, under your name in the right-hand menu. From the same page, you can also download your CPD certificate for the year and any previous years this add-on has been attached to your account.

If there are any features in addition to those above you’d like us to highlight, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on or call 01239 711793.

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Accrue CPD