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2018 - A Year in Brief

7th January 2019 RIAMS

2018 was a momentous year for RHE.

Some major developments occurred across RIAMS in 2018. As promised, we revised the design of RIAMS earlier this year, which, among other developments, introduced a much more streamlined way to navigate between services. More website changes are coming in 2019 and there’s more on this below.

Lots of content has been added to RIAMS including new Feed and Consumer Protection knowledge areas. New Worked Examples will also be uploaded very soon.

The new FSA Smarter Communications platform was launched through RIAMS. The Smarter Comms platform has been an ongoing process since the release in Wales in 2016.

A new discussion forum was created on RIAMS Communities, Legal Digest and Enforcement which is moderated by Tim Everett, former President of the CIEH. Tim offers a fresh perspective on legal issues, considering the impact of both statute and case law. Access here and click ‘Follow’ to get notifications delivered to your inbox. 

2018 has been busier than ever for the RHE Training Team. Countrywide, we have arranged our highest number of courses and conferences yet, training over 1,400 delegates – a 34% increase when compared to 2017. 

At the end of 2018, we produced, tested and released our first e-Learning course, ‘Investigative Skills’. Split into 12 modules, this comprehensive course covers everything from an introduction to legal principles to giving evidence in court. It can be taken as a whole or tailored to specific requirements. So far, the feedback we have received has been extremely positive with all respondents saying they would recommend the course to a colleague.

App Services
The Noise App was downloaded by over 35,000 users throughout 2018 and over 225,000 reports were submitted through the app to over 180 service providers in the UK. The Noise App has also been introduced in Scotland, State of Victoria in Australia and the Republic of Ireland, our first subscriber in the European Union.

Our new app, Reportable, was launched in December. This new App has been designed for local authorities and housing associations to help digitise, simplify and speed up the reporting, investigation and resolution of complaints. This app can be used for reporting issues with housing, repairs and maintenance, anti-social behaviour, environmental crime and so much more. Find out more at

Looking ahead into 2019 …

New RIAMS Website
For the past few months, our developers have been building the new RIAMS website which is scheduled for release in Spring. The new mobile-friendly site will include a new and improved design enabling a better user experience, new ways to show related content and online notice templates, to name a few.

More Trading Standards Content
Through 2019, the RIAMS Editorial Team will be working on expanding the existing Feed and Consumer Protection content and creating new knowledge areas covering Animal Health and Metrology.

e-Learning and Conferences
The upcoming year will see an expansion in e-Learning. There is the imminent launch of a comprehensive course covering environmental crime which will be flexible and customisable to meet with individual participants’ requirements. As we move further into the year, this will be followed by a range of housing courses covering subjects such as the Fire Safety Addendum to HHSRS and Housing and Planning Act 2016 Private Sector Housing Offences.

On 6 March, we are hosting a Transforming ASB Investigation and Enforcement Conference in London. Digital changes will have a dramatic effect on how LAs and associated services operate in coming years. This event aims to make the most of these opportunities, looking at relevant legal cases and examples of different solutions employed to help improve and streamline processes within organisations. It has hit the ground running in terms of the interest it has generated so, if it appeals, please be sure to book your place without delay.