Delving into the RHE Annual Survey 2018 Results

30th January 2019 RIAMS

Last week, Stuart Kenney, from Cornwall Council, was announced as the winner of the RHE Annual Survey 2018. Once again, congratulations. We’ve now been through the results of the survey and there are some highlights below.

Looking firstly at the feedback on RIAMS Libraries, respondents were very happy with RIAMS in terms of accuracy and relevance with these features getting 4 or 5 stars from 84.5% and 84.8% of respondents respectively. 70.77% of respondents also gave RIAMS 4 or 5 stars for website ease of use.

Quite understandably, the impact of BREXIT is surrounded by lots of uncertainty. We’ll keep our finger on the pulse so you don’t have to.

Moving onto RIAMS Communities, 66.7% of respondents rated their user experience as either 4 or 5 stars. Additionally, when asked why they had joined Communities, 30.2% reported that this was because it is a secure place for regulators to share information (it is restricted to and approved user only) and 21.7% reported that it is the best place to ask questions and join discussions. 

It is clear that some work is needed in order to improve search functions on both Libraries and Communities. This has been fed back to our development team and is something that we intend to address on the new RIAMS version 3 due for release this year.

The Noise App
Turning our attention to The Noise App, almost 90% of respondents reported that the app had improved the noise investigation process. Additionally, 76.2% of respondents gave the app 4 or 5 stars as a tool for complaint handling and 60% of respondents rated resident responses to the app as 4 or 5 stars.

RHE Training
Training was delivered to over 1,400 delegates in 2018 and over 97% of respondents would recommend our training to someone else. Course content, trainer style and method, delegate resources and administrative support were awarded 4 or 5 stars by 84.8%, 81.3%, 74.2% and 81.8% of respondents respectively.