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A Hat Trick of Training Days

5th February 2019 Training

A trio of opportunities are presented in Bristol in March where we have arranged a rare 1 day, non-assessed HHSRS Identification and Rating of Hazards training event, plus a 2-day HHSRS Practitioner course – and to complete the set, an Introducing the Basics of Statutory Nuisance training day.

The 1-day HHSRS training on Thursday, 7 March covers all the essentials of how to identify and rate hazards in residential dwellings and is an excellent refresher or introduction to the subject. The 2-day HHSRS course beginning on Wednesday, 6 March includes theory and practice and results in a certificate of competence for those who reach the required standard.

The third course on Thursday, 14 March is our phenomenally well-received ‘Introducing the Basics of Statutory Nuisance’ training day, delivered by Ian Marriner, RIAMS Chief Editor and experienced trainer. For all the details visit