Reviewing the RIAMS Local NI Meeting

19th February 2019 RIAMS

The first RIAMS Local Meeting was held at Mid Ulster Council offices in Dungannon on Tuesday, 12 February.

The group was set up to provide a regular local interface between users and the RIAMS support team to help further develop the platform and ensure it is keeping up with local needs. This positive and productive meeting provided a useful forum to share and discuss ideas.

There was a very open and frank two-way conversation, much of which will help with identifying priorities to help ensure subscribing councils are getting the very best value from RIAMS. Additionally, a private community has been set up to aid the sharing of information and help keep everyone on top of agreed actions.

We hope that all 11 councils will see the value in the forum and we look forward to confirmation of their members. While it was agreed that RIAMS would provide the chair and secretariat roles for practical reasons, it is envisaged it will be a user-driven group. To this end, it was also the consensus that along with the two members from each council, one strategic and one operational, we should also ensure there is representation from each of the existing sub-groups.

We hope that this group will strengthen communications between users and RIAMS support team and assist in taking the development and use of the RIAMS system in Northern Ireland to the next level.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, to Fiona McClements for hosting the first meeting and to Nicola McCall for offering to host the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 14 May. We look forward to seeing you again soon.