Housing Professionals: Get Involved in the HHSRS Review Scoping Survey

20th February 2019 RIAMS

MHCLG has commissioned a study to identify the extent to which the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) needs to be updated and revised. The aims of the scoping project have been set out by MHCLG in a project specification.

Over the past couple of weeks, many of you will have received email notifications for HHSRS Review Scoping Study Workshops across England and Wales. Most of these events have taken place already with the final one occurring in Chester tomorrow, Thursday 21 February and these events have been very helpful in gathering feedback.

Additionally, RHE in consultation with MHCLG have put together a few different surveys to gather as much information from as many people as possible so if you’re a housing professional, housing trainer, tenant or advice agency, we welcome you to share your views and get involved.

Please ensure you select the relevant survey for you.

HHSRS Review Scoping Study: Regulator Survey
HHSRS Review Scoping Study: Trainer Survey (open until Wednesday, 27 February 2019)
HHSRS Review Scoping Study: Tenant and Advice Agency Survey

This consultation will close on Sunday 24 February so there isn’t much time for you to get involved.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.