Reviewing the First SRS Subscriber Workshop

4th March 2019 RIAMS

On 26 February, RHE with the Business Support Team from Cornwall Council hosted the first SRS subscriber workshop event in the Bristol and Bath Science Park.

The purpose of this event was to gain feedback from SRS subscribers on improvements and developments that can be made to the framework, challenges that subscribers have faced through the implementation process and much more. The aim of these events is to know where additional support is needed to assist councils in the implementation process, ensuring the SRS delivers what you need.

One of the first key points that were made was why it’s beneficial to keep things simple. Brett Holmes, Enterprise and Innovation Manager for Cornwall Council, admitted that Cornwall’s approach was, in the beginning, too ambitious. Creating packages is one thing, but being able to deliver them effectively is another. He recommends starting small and building up the number of paid for services over a period of time.

Another key theme that was discussed was ensuring that the council provides a service that the businesses want. If it is a service that businesses want, they will come to you and this can redirect the focus on developing sustainable services, rather than income generation, which can be daunting for many officers.

Developing a positive approach to introducing paid for services is crucial as this helps businesses accept the change. It was highlighted that the businesses who are willing to pay for the advice, want the advice. When delivering these services, understanding the customers business is key in helping them achieve compliance.

It was also pointed out that businesses who want to comply, with work with the council, allowing the council to support them as they become compliant. When businesses do not improve or are not genuine, the council can move on to enforcement action to ensure compliance is achieved.

We will be arranging more of these events very soon and we will be in touch with more details. If you would like to register your interest, please get in touch with Kalia Wright on or call 01239 711793.