Free Legal Updates through RIAMS Communities

12th March 2019 RIAMS

Did you know that you can keep abreast of new case law, completely free of charge, through RIAMS Communities?

Through our ‘Housing Professionals’ community, many of our regular forum users access case overviews, or digests, summarising recent cases from the First-Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. Written by Stephen Battersby, his blogs and digests offer a comprehensive view covering a wide range of housing issues.

The ‘Enforcement and Legal’ community is moderated by Tim Everett, former president of the CIEH. Tim focuses on a wide range of legal and enforcement issues, and since starting this community in June 2018, he has provided a range of digests from High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court hearings. His blogs so far have focused on areas such as Statutory Nuisance, Environmental Permitting and Civil and Criminal Personal Liability.

If you’d like to keep up to date with new case law, why not Follow the Housing Professionals and Enforcement and Legal communities? To access these, simply head to RIAMS Communities, click on the ‘All Communities’ drop-down menu, click ‘Housing Professionals’ or ‘Enforcement and Legal’ and then ‘Follow’.

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