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Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Make Our ASB Conference Happen

13th March 2019 The Noise App

On Wednesday 6 March, we hosted our Transforming ASB Investigation and Enforcement conference in London. This event was attended by almost 40 organisations from across the country and, based on our review of the evaluation forms so far, was very well received.

We would like to extend a thank you to everyone who helped make the day happen. Huw Williams, the conference chair, said ‘I am grateful to all the speakers for their contributions and sharing knowledge and expertise on a range of ASB matters.’

To recap the day, it is clear that there is no single solution to tackling ASB but it is crucial to utilise all legal interventions and sanctions; something that can be explored more deeply at a local level. To quote Huw ‘…whilst there was clear recognition of the importance of partnership and collaborative working, achieving this in practice remains difficult for a raft of reasons. Hopefully, some of the information and examples that emerged on Wednesday will assist you in developing approaches and finding solutions that will benefit your officers, residents and communities.’

For our sales team, the event provided a great opportunity to catch up with current subscribers to The Noise App and Reportable and meet others who are interested in these services. From those who already subscribe to our app services, it was good to receive feedback as well as help with queries regarding the use of certain features. It was also the perfect platform to introduce our new picture based app, Reportable to a wider audience.

We hope everyone found this to be a productive day and we look forward to expanding on this topic in future.