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RHE’s Annual Housing Conference 2019

9th July 2019 Training

The details of our fifth annual housing conference can now be announced. This year’s event is titled Housing Standards and Tenancy Reform in the PRS and is taking place on Tuesday, 26 November 2019 in Solihull. As in previous years, the event is sponsored by Decent and Safe Homes (DASH).

Chaired by Dr Stephen Battersby, key themes this year include:

  • Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 and implications for local authorities
  • Housing policy and regulatory update
  • Housing legal updates
  • Case study: Flood protection measures and the HHSRS
  • Case study: HMO licensing conditions and minimum room sizes
  • Case study: Private sector housing enforcement policies
  • Tenancy reform, illegal eviction and harassment

This event is for all practitioners and managers responsible for private sector housing enforcement. It is also suitable for legal professionals, surveyors, policy officers and housing professionals in the social and private rented housing sectors and housing charities that need to keep up to date with the housing practice and the law.

Early bird prices are available for anyone who books before Monday 16 September.
Public sector: £198 (+VAT)
Private sector: £220 (+VAT)
Please note a 10% discount is also available when more than one delegate from your organisation attends, providing that all bookings are made on the same booking form.

To get your early bird prices and to see the full event information, including the speakers and timetable, click here. Or, to head straight to the booking form, click here.