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RHE’s New Photo Reporting App

15th July 2019 Reportable

RHE has now released a photo-based app to help tackle issues such as graffiti, fly-tipping, fly-posting, litter, abandoned vehicles, light pollution, hoarding, to name just a few, as well as the ability to add fully customised categories.

In the same way that The Noise App helped transform your noise reporting services, Reportable can help transform how these issues are reported.

Reportable has four main categories: Environmental Crime, Anti-Social Behaviour, Repairs and Maintenance and Vehicles. Under these categories, there is a variety of sub-categories or types of issues that may be investigated under each branch, such as those mentioned above.

In addition to the wide variety of investigation avenues, you can take and submit images through the app, along with a GPS location so the investigating organisation knows exactly where the problem is and can work to resolve the issue while using the app as a communication tool to directly speak to the complainant via direct messages and status updates.  

You can head to for more information. To book a free on-site demonstration of Reportable, contact us on or call the team directly on 01174 033584.