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Who is Reportable For?

29th July 2019 Reportable

As you may have seen already from the previous news items in this series, ‘RHE’s New Photo Reporting App’ and ‘How Does Reportable Work?’, Reportable is our new app service for reporting anti-social behaviour, environmental crime, repairs and maintenance issues and more.

The anti-social behaviour and environmental crime categories have been designed around the tasks that are carried about by local authority departments and housing associations and the repairs and maintenance category is perfect for any organisation with rented or social housing.

Members of the public can easily take a picture of the issue, whether that be repairs needed on their home, graffiti that needs to be removed or abandoned vehicles to be collected. These images can then be sent along with a GPS location to their service provider, local authority or housing association, who are then able to investigate this issue and resolve it.

By comparison, since The Noise App was launched, this has transformed the way that noise nuisance issues are reported to their service provider. Waiting times for key noise monitoring equipment reduced significantly and despite concerns, The Noise App did not create an increased workload for investigating officers. The Noise App actually helped organisations implement effectively prioritised workflows, allowing them to focus on most significant cases and use limited equipment and funds in a targeted and efficient manner.

What could Reportable do for you?

To speak to our team for a no-obligation quote, to arrange a free trial or just to find out more, contact us on or call us direct on 01174 033584.