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Latest from the Housing Health Bulletin

1st August 2019 RIAMS

The Housing Health Bulletin is a unique and international service monitoring and reporting on current Housing Health Research. You can stay up to date whether you are tackling poor housing conditions or researching and teaching about the health impacts of poor housing. Research summaries are provided by David Ormandy and Steve Battersby.

Bulletin 43 is entitled ‘Public Health, Mental Health and Housing Improvements’. Regarding public health, the RSPH published an interesting report earlier this year called ‘Taking the P***: The Decline of the Great British Public Toilet’, where they made a number of recommendations to improve this situation.

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Bulletin 44 focuses on the role housing can play on an individual’s mental health and the impact different housing tenures, noise and other events can have on a person’s mental health.

Regarding housing tenures, it was found that “those in social housing are 1.5 more times likely to suffer from poor mental health and four times more likely to report that housing conditions worsen their health.”

Research has long shown that noise impacts physical and mental health and from a sample of over 7,000 participants, individuals who self-reported high annoyance at neighbour noise “had 2.34 times higher odds of having poor mental health and 2.78 times higher odds to experience a high level of perceived stress than individuals not annoyed by noise from neighbours”.

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