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Anti-social Behaviour: Myths about Mediation

12th December 2019 RIAMS

In the latest blog by Janine Green, ‘It’s Good to Talk’, some prevalent myths surrounding the use of mediation in resolving cases of anti-social behaviour are debunked.

Mediation often comes up as a possible non-legal tool for tackling anti-social behaviour, however the rates of ASB cases that are being referred to mediation have reduced over the past few years. In exploring this point of interest further, Janine spoke to Kim Logan (Managing Director of ADR Mediation), who regularly works with housing providers and local authorities to successfully utilise mediation in resolving neighbourhood issues.

Through this discussion surrounding what mediation is, how to maximise engagement, the best cases to use it for etc, Janine discovered a number of misconceptions surrounding the tool, such as:

  • Mediation is only for neighbourhood disputes
  • Mediation cannot be used when either or all parties have a mental health concern
  • Getting parties to agree to mediation is a challenge
  • Training in-house mediators is a way to save costs
  • One size fits all in terms of mediation companies

Click here to read the full blog on the ASB community and discover the truth behind these myths, as well as how mediation could be used more frequently and effectively in tackling anti-social behaviour. Make sure to hit ‘Follow’ so that you can stay up to date and catch all the latest blog posts and discussions.