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Thank You to Everyone Who Contributed to Our Recent Housing Conference

24th December 2019 Training

Tuesday 26 November saw our fifth annual housing conference in Solihull. With a massive thank you to all our speakers, this event was attended by over 80 delegates from 55 organisations. It was again supported by DASH, a joint-working initiative between local authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants, set up to improve housing conditions with particular emphasis on the private rented sector.

The idea was to deliver a practical, useful and thought-provoking day, providing an insight into some of the problematic areas affecting housing, and the reforms in place to meet those challenges. We hope this objective was achieved, together with enabling delegates to network with colleagues from other organisations. As well as useful feedback on how we can improve things for the next time (which we will consider very carefully), we had some lovely comments in the evaluation forms, such as ‘Keep doing what you’re doing’ and ‘Really good content, facility, presentations and organisation’.

Finally, the event provided a perfect platform to introduce Whitedocs, a new RHE product in development which delivers a single solution for the online management of property licensing and landlord accreditation. It was also a good opportunity to receive feedback and help with queries regarding the use of certain features within RIAMS, The Noise App and Reportable. We remain focused on providing innovative digital technology for the EH profession.

We hope all attendees found this to be a productive day and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.