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The ‘More Actions’ Menu

11th February 2020 RIAMS

In the latest article of this ‘How to’ series, we’re focusing on the More Actions menu. This is one of the new features on the RIAMS website since the relaunch and we hope it is more user-friendly than the previous version. This menu is available to Admin users and you will have different options available to you for different content.

Local Folders
Local folders are folders that have been created on RIAMS by Administrators within your organisation. Make sure you read our next ‘How to’ guide for more information on personalising this.

Click the box next to the folder title to access the ‘More Actions’ menu; Administrators can Edit, Archive, Move and Copy these folders. Clicking ‘Edit’ will allow you to update the name of the folder. ‘Archive’ removes this folder and all contents, but this is retrievable if you need to access this folder again by clicking on the ‘Show Archives’ button at the top of the page. ‘Move’ allows you to relocate the folder and ‘Copy’ creates another version of the folder and all content within it and allows you to store this in another location.

Local Documents
Local documents are documents that have been uploaded by Administrators on your account. In addition to the ‘Edit’, ‘Archive’, ‘Move’ and ‘Copy’ options we discussed above, you have the additional right to ‘Grey’ and ‘Hide’ a document.

Once again, tick the box next to the document title to access the ‘More Actions’ menu. Selecting ‘Grey’ allows you to show that, for example, this document is for reference only. When selecting Grey, you are asked to enter a reason and click ‘Yes’.

By opting to ‘Hide’ a document, the document will only be visible to other Administrators on your account and will not be available or accessible to any of the view-only users.

RIAMS Documents
Administrators also have a few options available to them for RIAMS content; namely, ‘Edit’, ‘Grey’ and ‘Hide’.

The ‘Edit’ option will be available on RIAMS documents where there is the option for you to include local information. This option won’t be available where there isn’t the option to do this for your organisation. Anyone from your organisation who accesses a RIAMS document where local information has been included will see the information entered by the Administrator.

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