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More Spaces Now Available for ASB Powers Webinar

29th October 2020 Training

Don’t miss your chance to attend the ASB Powers webinar on 3 November 2020! We have been able to expand our delegate numbers for this event so if you missed your chance to book your place at this event, now is your chance.

This event will focus on the theme ‘Solution Focussed Approach to Noise and ASB for Local Authorities’ and will feature speakers Janine Green, Huw Williams and Tim Everett. Topics considered under this theme include: ‘Harm centre approach to ASB issues’, ‘Use of ASB tools for nuisance cases’ and ‘Enforcement action and mental health’.

This event has been incredibly popular and spaced filled remarkably quickly so we recommend that if you would like to attend, please send in your booking form as soon as possible.

If you have any questions that you would like to be answered by our experts, please send your questions to by Monday 2 November.

Book now.

Why should you attend?
“I will be focussing on an important recent case which covers the issues around the use of Statutory Nuisance and ASB powers when dealing with someone who has mental health problems - while avoiding unlawful discrimination and complying with the Human Rights Act and the Public Sector Equality Duty.

“I will also cover a still overlooked issue which means that many Abatement Notices and CPNs are probably invalid anyway.”

Tim Everett, legal expert and former president of the CIEH