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RIAMS Search Improvements

19th February 2021 RIAMS

We are pleased to announce two significant improvements to the RIAMS search function. Following a recent upgrade, you will now be able to select the area of the RIAMS database which you want to search from a drop-down list at the start of the search function. If you know that you are looking for a ‘notice’, then choosing this option means that the results will be restricted to this document type meaning shorter and more relevant results.

As part of upgrading the search functionality, the accuracy of the search has been improved meaning that the results should be more specific and targeted to your requirements.

Another improvement which we have made in relation to the nearly 800 legal notices on the system is to include the section or regulation number as well as the legislation under which the notice is made, as part of the title of the notice. If you search against the section number and legislation, then the notice you require should feature at the top of your results page.

We hope that these changes will improve both the accuracy and speed of the search function. If you need any further advice on the search function, please contact us at using the “Feedback” option under Personal Settings. Feedback on the search functionality is also welcome.

If you would like training on RIAMS, including the new search, we have events arranged for the following dates and times:

View only RIAMS Training
Thursday 22 April, 10am start - Book now

Administrator RIAMS Training
Friday 23 April, 10am start - Book now