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Thank You to Everyone Who Helped Make Our ASB Conference Happen

6th May 2021 Training

Over the course of last week, we delivered our first online conference Effectively Tackling ASB. We would like to extend a big thank you to all the speakers who shared their knowledge and expertise on a range of ASB matters, and to all the delegates from 40+ organisations from across the country that attended.

We adopted an optimistic title for the conference but what became clear across the three days was how complex, varied and challenging ASB issues can be. The scale of the problem and the number of victims up and down the country is worrying and does pose a major headache for those working in this field. Examples of good practice, innovation and success are being identified and it will be important to share these at a time when officers and services continue to face budget and capacity pressures.

The legal provisions and ‘tool kits’ available for tackling such unreasonable behaviours are extensive but, for a variety of reasons, they are not necessarily being employed in a consistent manner and as enthusiastically by all organisations and agencies empowered to use them. Hopefully, through shared experience and learning from colleagues, they will be utilised more widely and, through early intervention, prevent problems escalating.

In tackling ASB issues, it is important that a harm-centred approach is developed and interests of victims are considered at all times. Building alliances and partnerships is vital, as complex cases will often require multi-agency solutions. Responding to complaints, undertaking investigations and managing cases is challenging under normal circumstances. The Covid-19 crisis has introduced additional complications but these have also demonstrated that by using technology, there are alternative ways to secure resolution of problems.

RHE Global hopes to play its part in stemming the surge in ASB and in the protection of victims by supporting front line officers and service managers, providing platforms for communications between professionals, providing technological solutions, sharing examples of good practice and offering training opportunities.