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Bonfires, Fireworks and Dealing with Nuisance

26th October 2021 RIAMS

In the run-up to Bonfire Night, there tends to be an increase in nuisance and anti-social behaviour associated with fireworks, bonfires and smoke; there are a number of resources and services available to help you manage these instances, investigate cases and carry out enforcement action as needed.

On the RIAMS side of things, there is a range of public information documents covering bonfires and fireworks that can be shared with members of the public. Documents you may find useful include:

  • Garden Bonfires – How to Avoid Causing a Nuisance - EPS74
  • Fireworks and Animals: How to keep your pets safe (The Blue Cross, Defra) - LS43

These public information documents can be shared with members of the public using the RIAMS Connect feature. Should you need assistance using this feature, there is a section on this in our user guides. Get the Administrator user guide. Get the View-only user guide

If reminders are needed on the enforcement side of things, you may find this content useful:

  • Dealing with Noise in the Street - EPP44

The Noise App and Reportable are other useful services to have available during this time.

The Noise App can be used to report noise nuisance issues caused by fireworks, by capturing GPS data, time and date stamps and much more. Reportable, our picture-based reporting service can be used to provide details on a range of issues, for example, firework refuse left in parks after unauthorised or improper use of fireworks, fly-tipping, bonfires, smoke, and much more. The questions asked of residents can also be tailored, depending on the issue they’re reporting, and this information can then quickly be sent through to the right people, ensuring timely enforcement action.

The earlier safe practices are advertised and the more proactive you are in telling your residents what to do if they see something, the quicker you and other enforcement agencies or public services can respond to incidents and take the necessary action.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about RIAMS, The Noise App or Reportable, please contact us on