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“Probably The Best Trainer I’ve Ever Had”

5th May 2022 Training

Our new Introduction to Environmental Noise course has been created by EHOs for environmental health and related professionals who wish to develop competence in environmental noise measurement, assessment and control.

This comprehensive online course delivers a good foundation in acoustics. Consisting of a series of modules including eight interactive webinars, a number of self-directed workbooks and a noise measurement activity, the training delivers a total of 20 hours and 15 minutes of CPD activity and is broadly equivalent to a certificate of competence in environmental noise assessment.

Previous attendees have commented:
“Alan was absolutely brilliant … He was very knowledgeable, friendly and a good teacher! He made some complex subjects very digestible and interesting.”

“He was clearly passionate and extremely knowledgeable on the subject, kept everyone’s attention and was happy to answer questions, book in separate calls with attendees who needed extra help and was even happy to continue to be a point of contact/sounding board beyond the course - probably the best trainer I’ve ever had.”

“Alan was great, … knowledgeable and able to impart the required info.”

The next course starts on Tuesday 24 May and you can read the full event summary and book your place here.