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RHE Global Delivers on Health and Safety!

25th August 2022 Training

In spite of the melee of recent years, the everyday work of delivering core environmental health services carries on! EH teams and individual professionals are, every day, out and about continuing their often hidden but vital work of ensuring that we are all safe, well and healthy in our homes, places of work and when we’re out there in our communities.

RHE Global has long been at the forefront of delivering competence to the public sector via its training division and its innovative information portal, RIAMS. Back in early 2022, in response to feedback from the sector, RHE offered three new courses in the field of occupational health and safety that are perfect for staff who are new to the discipline or who may be returning to health and safety after a break. They were well received, and consequently, we now have some new dates arranged.

The first course, scheduled for 13 September 2022, is an Introduction to Health and Safety Regulation. With the aim of giving attendees a grounding in the background to health and safety regulation, it will also cover the common law origins of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, the general and specific duties it imposes on employers and employees, and the powers of appointed inspectors to enforce it.

The second of the courses, Gathering Evidence for Formal Action under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, will deliver the knowledge and skills associated with the gathering of all forms of admissible evidence (statements, articles, documents, recordings, etc.) in support of formal action under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

The third takes a more focused look at one of the key challenges for local authority health and safety regulators. Entitled Understanding the Basics of Machinery Safety, this course studies the key principles and helps delegates develop the skills associated with the inspection of common types of machinery and equipment found in workplaces under the regulation of local authorities.

All courses will be delivered online over the course of a morning by Tony Lewis, lecturer in health and safety at Middlesex University. Delegate participation will be very much encouraged!

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