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One week to go until RHE 2023 Housing Conference

9th February 2023 The Housing App

Find out more about our speakers …

Earlier this year, we announced our seventh housing conference, A Safe, Decent, Stable Home: Is That Beyond Our Reach in 2023?, taking place online from 7–9 March. 

We would like to introduce the panel of respected speakers that have been assembled to offer practical and informative insight, covering the latest in housing policy, research and regulatory updates.

The conference starts with Mark Preston, a member of the national Joint Inspection Team and managing director of MWPreston Solutions Ltd, a consultancy that offers expert knowledge and experience in private housing. Mark is returning to give an update on fire safety in medium- and high-rise buildings followed by a presentation from Carole Zelenka from the High-rise Building Remediation Division at DLUHC on how the Government’s Building Safety Fund operates. Andrew Parsons of Liverpool City Council will also offer the perspective of working with the JIT.

Julie Godefroy a Chartered Engineer and sustainability consultant will be speaking about the importance of good property design to manage excess heat while Dr Tammy Boyce, a senior research associate and advisor working as part of Sir Michael Marmot’s hugely influential team at the Institute of Health Equity, University College London will feedback on the findings of a key report titled Fuel Poverty, Cold Homes and Health Inequalities in the UK. Samantha Ling, an environmental health officer and lecturer on housing, environmental health law and public health at Cardiff Metropolitan University will cover the topical issue of damp and mould and Ellis Turner, Senior Lecturer Environmental Health, University of the West of England and members of North East Hoarding Partnership will conclude day two with a presentation on the pandemic has impacted on mental health, well-being and hoarding.

Day three of the conference will consider future perspectives in housing. Academics Dr Claire Ferraro and Holli Reynolds will respectively be presenting research into mechanisms to improve the health and wellbeing of tenants in private rented housing and the challenges of collaborative working, faced by service providers to end homelessness for single persons with complex needs. 

We are also delighted that Vikki Piper, Head of Housing will explain how Blackpool Council are working with the Government’s Levelling-Up agenda and taking advantage of the scheme for Blackpool’s benefit. The final morning will also include an update on the HHSRS review.

With a great line-up of speakers aimed at keeping you up-to-date, book your place now before it’s too late. Head to for the full summary and event timetable. 

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