Knowledge management and smarter communication

RIAMS is an enterprise cloud document and knowledge management platform, that has been in use globally since 2012. It has been designed to digitise and centralise the administration, distribution and content of documents for internal or public use. Applications include smarter communication, document sharing, collaboration and consistency.

RIAMS is used by over 200 local authorities across the UK to improve consistency in service delivery. In one application, it supports the information requirements for 15,000 imported food consignments at Heathrow Airport every year. RIAMS is used by State and Local Government to improve consistency in Australia's public protection services.


Simplify noise reporting and investigation

The Noise App enables users to accurately capture instances of noise nuisance and report it to the relevant organisation. It is a smart tool for professionals investigating complaints about noise, making it easier for everyone concerned to resolve noise problems.

The Noise App handles thousands of noise reports every month. The Noise App enables much faster complaint resolution and significantly lowers the cost of investigating noise. For businesses The Noise App provides on site verification for compliance purposes.

The Noise App

Simplify reporting and investigation

Reportable includes a web-based case management platform for officers to manage and collaborate; the platform can also seamlessly integrate with CRM and back office applications.

Professionals can also use the Reportable App to gather evidence on site and automatically submit their data to a cloud case management platform. Reportable has proven to reduce your workload by enabling highly efficient triage to identify genuine cases quickly.


Automate your complex work streams, collaborate and manage information sharing

Whitedocs is a cloud platform integrating case management with document and data sharing with individuals, government and businesses. Improve efficiency by automating processes, managing payments and data analytics.

Whitedocs can be applied wherever documents, payments and tasks need to be shared between organisations or with a range of stakeholders or individuals. Whitedocs is used by local authorities to optimise transactions with business by bringing communication and documentation together in a single, audited workspace online. For example processing licence applications and exchanging information to demonstrate regulatory compliance.


The Housing Health Cost Calculator

Helping to calculate the cost of poor housing conditions to the NHS and wider society.

Using the methodology and findings from the highly regarded BRE research into ‘The Real Cost of Poor Housing’, organisations can upload details of individual or multiple property improvements into the HHCC tool to estimate the added value of their local interventions.