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Transforming public protection in the UK and internationally

Better Knowledge Management

The RIAMS cloud platform has transformed our documented food import controls at Heathrow Airport.

Nick Green London Borough of Hillingdon Port Health

Empowering Citizens

The Noise App is brilliant, and to be frank, I don't know what we'd do without it now.

Jenna Jeffrey Derby Homes
The Noise App

International Applications

RHE are a trusted business and innovation partner creating a nationwide knowledge management network for public protection in Australia.

Sean La Fontaine Business Development Manager Kernow Australia P/L

Knowledge management and smarter communication

RIAMS is an enterprise cloud document and knowledge management platform, that has been in use globally since 2012. It has been designed to digitise and centralise the administration, distribution and content of documents for internal or public use. Applications include smarter communication, document sharing, collaboration and consistency.


RHE provides high quality, cost effective, practical training for professionals working in public, private and third sector organisations.


Simplify noise reporting and investigation

The Noise App enables users to accurately capture instances of noise nuisance and report it to the relevant organisation. It is a smart tool for professionals investigating complaints about noise, making it easier for everyone concerned to resolve noise problems.

The Noise App

Communities are designed to collaborate and share knowledge in the workplace, and across peer groups; locally, nationally and internationally.


Simplify reporting and investigation

Reportable is the next generation of innovative smartphone reporting Apps. Reportable is designed for professionals and citizens to send photos and supporting information about enviro-crime, potholes, anti-social behaviour, abandoned vehicles, inspections and audits, facilities management, repairs and maintenance and much more.


Business process and digital solutions

RHE services include implementation support and service reviews for RIAMS, The Noise App and Whitedocs.


Technical consulting

Our technical consulting covers all aspects of environmental health and regulation delivered by a network of experts including chartered environmental health practitioners, licensing experts and Trading Standards experts with public and private sector experience.

Automate your complex work streams, collaborate and manage information sharing

Whitedocs is a cloud platform integrating case management with document and data sharing with individuals, government and businesses. Improve efficiency by automating processes, managing payments and data analytics.